Chris & Margo

Naomi looked after our small farmlet in Central Victoria, Australia over a three week period in October 2016. All of our animals bonded with her and she looked after them exceptionally well and took into consideration their special quirks to be indulged. Truman, one of the cats, HAS to sleep on a human bed at night. Vera, one of our dogs, must rest her head on your lap after you have finished dinner and plead with her puppy dogs eyes for any leftovers. Charlotte the cat will not tolerate sitting on your lap, but MUST go walking with the dogs at least daily. We left Naomi with a rough time schedule of how to manage the horses and the paddocks and she was thorough in taking notes on when paddocks were to be opened and closed off as it was the height of spring grasses and two of our horses are prone to laminitis.

Naomi kept in regular communication during our holiday and took plenty of photos of our animals and sent them to us. Any concerns she also communicated to us and were able to problem solve between all of us. We arrived home to happy animals, no signs of laminitis in our horses, a sparkling clean house, a vase of flowers and a lovely bottle of red wine. Truman, our grey stripey cat, has been mourning her absence and being her bed buddy! (We have previously gone on holidays and had a person check in on daily basis which never worked for our cats. We had arrived home to skittish, out of sorts cats that had meowed themselves hoarse. Never again! ) We look forward to be able to go on holidays and have Naomi look after our household. That means that we are now booking our holidays for 2018 already, just so we stand a chance of securing Naomi as our housesitter!

We cannot recommend Naomi as a housesitter (and as an awesome person in general) highly enough. She is responsible, level headed, very organised and a genuine animal lover. She keeps in regular communication during your holiday and sends updates on your animals. Just knowing that Naomi was looking after our animals was peace of mind for us.

Thank you so much everything, Naomi! We appreciate you looking after our family so attentively while we were away. You are an absolute star!