Naomi cat/house sat for me for 3 months (April – June 2017) while I was overseas.

I cannot speak too highly of the service she provided. She kept the house clean and tidy, the garden watered and maintained, the car run and most importantly my cat Maisy happy and healthy. While away she kept me informed of mail that might need attention and averted a few problems in the house that a less conscientious or savvy person might have missed or ignored.

In my absence two serious problems occurred. Firstly the dishwasher broke down and Naomi efficiently set up the repair of this. Yet more serious was the fact that my neighbours submitted a development proposal in the middle of my overseas trip and Naomi went to considerable trouble to coordinate my correspondence with an architect then print and deliver my letter of objection to the council within the time limit.

I can confidently say that Naomi did a 1st rate job of looking after my property and pet and I am looking forward to welcoming her to my home again next year.