Lyndsay & Tina

This was our first encounter with a house sitter and initially I was naïve to think we would be getting local responses for the sit. I was surprised and apprehensive when I started to receive correspondence from all over the world. It was a daunting experience to think that someone was going to travel to my house, at their own expense from somewhere miles away from where we lived and actually turn up to sit at our little house for our two, quite different, beagles.

This process was made so much easier when Naomi responded to our request to sit. We discovered that prior to our house sit, Naomi was sitting in a nearby suburb and there was a potential one day overlap with the dates between the two sits. Naomi was very keen to help work out a solution to enable her to sit for us.

The more we conversed via email and then with a face to face over Skype I further realised that this was serious and there really were people out there that just wanted to help others, save some money and travel the world in the process.

All I can say with regards to Naomi is how truly blessed we were that she found us. Naomi is a wonderful person who, in our opinion, far exceeded our expectations. Since we’ve all been totally spoiled by Naomi’s presence in our lives I imagine it will be difficult to find anyone quite like her to sit for us again. Thank you just doesn’t seem enough. Safe travels our friend.